Are you ready to explode your sales, email list, and webinar registrations using a secret high-converting Facebook Ads formula?

Average Marketing keep you chasing after leads. Killer Marketing grabs your buyer’s attention, laser-focus it on you, and make them chase after you like a candy-craving toddler just to buy your offer

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Are you ready to explode your sales, email list, and webinar registrations using a secret high-converting Facebook Ads formula?

Average Marketing keep you chasing after leads. Killer Marketing grabs your buyer’s attention, laser-focus it on you, and make them chase after you like a candy-craving toddler just to buy your offer

It doesn’t matter what shape our individual problems take, we all need SAME OUTCOME when it comes to marketing online and that is PROFITABILITY. Building your tribe of quality buyers and brand advertisers doesn’t have to be difficult.

Anyone can fuse the pieces and create a campaign inside Facebook Ad Manager, but creating a high-level strategy that fills up the loopholes, and makes your business profitable is where DebAssists makes the difference.

Quality Leads + Impressive ROI + Consistent Revenue + Irresistible Tribe of Buyers = A  YOU That feels empowered to serve your audience and spend quality time making beautiful memories with your loved ones.

Hey! have we met?

I'm Deborah Odinakachi

Boys mom, puppy admirer, techie social media marketer and coach. My entire life consists of questioning the norm and figuring out hidden, and often times, ignored ways to achieve admirable results -and it’s worked pretty well. When it comes to Facebook and Instagram Ads, I’m your go-to-girl.

With sound background in Structural Engineering, Education and Health & Wellness, I bring a different kind of vibe to the game. I’m able to break through both the technical and analytical part of Facebook and Instagram Ads using my signature RRH Process. 

Want to launch courses that sell like wildfire, grow your email list, and grow your brand influence online using a strategy that works?

How I can serve you...

facebook ads

Facebook ad brings many blessings to businesses like increase in sales, growing your tribe, lead generation on autopilot, course/product launch, driving traffic to stores and more! However, it can also be stressful, confusing, and time-consuming. It’s not something you can setup once and let be. It requires constant monitoring, tweaking and keeping up with the changes (which happens almost on a daily)

You need an expert to handle this aspect of your business so you can do what you do best – providing value for your tribe. Because…


Allow me to cut through the confusion and shorten the long walk in your marketing. I’ll design the graphics, write the copy, research audience, and implement my custom RRH strategy that will drive in the sales you’ve always wished for. 

  • 35-minutes strategy call
  • Research and build audience based on ICA
  • Custom conversions and Facebook pixel on the landing page and Thank You page
  • A/B test images, copy, and target audiences.
  • Optimize each campaign so as to get the best possible result for your budget.
  • Brainstorming and implementation of new ad strategies if we find that existing campaigns aren’t hitting our target cost per lead.
  • Monthly management and optimization.
  • Final progress report upon campaign completion.

ads intensive

You know how to run Facebook ads. You’ve done it severally and they were successful, but for some reason you no longer get the results you projected.

You’ve tried the guru suggestions you found on Google yet they don’t just work – and you’re tired. This is where I come in.

I deep dive into every nook and cranny of your campaign from the ad copy, headline, creative, landing page copy, pixel down to audience and custom conversions setup, figure out what the problem is and fix them.

You’ll watch me troubleshoot or walk your marketing team on the process to future-proof your campaigns from the current issues you’re having. 

This is perfect if you want just want to fix a particular campaign, train your team and/or setup a new campaign.

  • 90-minutes
  • Existing ads troubleshooting
  • New campaign setup
  • Audience mining
  • Landing Page audit
  • Custom audience creation
  • Pixeling
  • Team training
  • Expert tips/recommendations
  •  Marketing strategy
  • Funnel audit
  • Funnel optimization
  • ICA review/recommendations
  • Marketing integrations and more

6bf bundle

Cutting straight through the cheese because that’s what this bundle is for.

Every successful online business has at least one ads manager, graphic designer, copy/content writer, Admin VA, Social Media Manager, and the list goes on.

And in most cases, an OBM (Online Business Manager) to oversee all of these people.

Going by industry average, it’d cost about $6,800 to get a decent job done.

That’s where this offer come in. With the 6BF Bundle, you’ll have your marketing efforts laser-focused for optimum sales and brand building. 

This bundle frees you from the burden and stress of having your attention dragged in different direction.

What’s included?

  • One 45-minute and one 60-minute strategy and onboarding calls
  • Full social media audit and strategy: optimized content, hashtag bank, lead magnet
  • Optimized Sales Funnel for maximum sales, conversion, and traffic
  • Facebook and Instagram strategies and marketing
  • Custom marketing strategy to fit your offer and audience
  • Dedicated support personnel
  • Weekly/monthly progress report

Want to know how my kind of Facebook Ads can help Grow Your Business?

Real Client Love

Why work with me?


At the core of DebAssists lies sound and firm adherence to honesty and morals. It's beyond business, it's simply LIVING OUR TALK.


The goal is value then PROFITABILITY. We're always improving, and pride ourselves with delivering ads that truly converts.


There's a reason we've had first-class reviews from our clients; excellence. We believe in going beyond just because average is boring.

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